Thursday, April 8, 2010

Force of Habit

Legs splayed, belly flat.
Tile cools fur that's hot no more.
Froggy's here to stay.


Adam said...

Line number one - Mel?
Line number two - Mel has fur?
Line number three - Huh?!


PS - Photo of Owen plxkthxbai

Pam said...

Adam, you must not
Own a dog, else you would know
What Mel meant by this ;)

Adam said...

I live and breath dogs.
First at four, now twenty six.
I just like to tease. ;-)

My pooch, Oliver,
loves to splay out on the floor.
Total trip hazard.



Pam said...

Good teaser you are
I like your sense of humor
Brings smiles to my face

My dog stops mid-stride
To see where I am going
Thereby tripping me

Moving through the house
It happens every time
He needs to follow!

Melanie Avila said...

You two crack me up.
I love love love the commments
from my followers.