Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Upside of Daylight Savings

The alarm wakes me.
I think it will be gloom, but
faint sunlight greets me.


Adam said...

The alarm wakes me.
I turn it off and sleep more.

Eyes open wide, clock-bound,
it is later than I thought.
It is tomorrow.


JLC said...

You live farther south.
Light greets me at five a. m.
No sunrise for me!

Lisa Dovichi said...

Don't need an alarm
Has morning lovin' children.
Wakes up before sun.

Nadine said...

Sun wakes me 5ish
Love getting up early, but
not when late to bed.

Adam said...

Um, Melanie, dear?
No haiku for a fortnight
and more? Shame on Hoo!