Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To My Husband

Happy birthday, love.
For seven days you will be
Older than me. *snort*


Adam said...

A happy birthday
is what I'm wishing Ibis.
That, and a visa.

*Manly back slap*


Avery DeBow said...

Ibis, far away.
We light a candle for you.
A happy birthday.

Sucks, but I tried, anyway.

JLC said...

Ibis, have some cake.
Enjoy a cerveza too!
But not together.


Natasha Fondren said...

What Adam wrote! Except minus the manly back slap. I'll just give you a hug. :-)

Melanie Avila said...

Visas, cervezas,
what more could he want? Perhaps
More manly back slaps.

ibis said...

Thanks a lot you guys.
I'll take everything cerveza, slaps,
no cake though I will have to get that myself,and yes a visa...